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February 15, 2009

no-knead bread

no-knead bread


Well,  folks,  looks like I am once again a day late and a dollar short.  Apparently, this recipe was circulating the web in the early part of last year.  I didn’t know that.  Well, I am not going to post the recipe here because it is too easy to get it on YouTube.  The whole video is right there:  step-by-step.  But, I just couldn’t help showing off!

The only thing is that the video doesn’t explain is that after the “really hard part”, when you go to set it aside for 12 hours, you must cover the bowl with plastic wrap first! And keep it in a warm place. Since my house is cold and drafty, I also wrapped the bottom of the bowl with a scarf;  just like the little kid in A Christmas Story! This bread is super crispy on the outside and soft and chewy and full of airy holes on the inside.  Just the way I love my bread.  It is so darn easy to make that I think even my almost-2-year old grandson could do it!  ( And yet, here I am showing off! )

I urge you to try it.  It’s easy, makes your house smell yummy, and gives you bragging rights.  Seriously.  You have my permission to boast!

Here’s another video, with a more talkative host but more detailed instructions.

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