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February 9, 2009


This is my Aunt Josie’s recipe.  As I’ve mentioned before, the subtitle of this blog site, “Adventures With My Wooden Spoon”, is dedicated to her.  She was truly an inspiration to me when I was growing up.  Though she never had any children of her own, she managed to be mother to all her nieces and nephews.  And we’ve all benefited from that experience.  I’m only sad that my daughter never had the chance to know her.  They would have loved each other.  A lot.   Anyway,  please make this rice pudding.  It will rock your socks off!


3/4 cup raw rice  ( My new love is sushi rice ~~ the short grain.  Any raw rice will do, however.  But, it really seems the short grain is the creamiest)

1 quart whole milk  ( no, no ~ none of that low-fat;  it won’t work )

1 cup sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla

1 beaten egg,  optional

cinnamon, for garnish  ( and taste! )


In a large pot, cook 3/4 cup rice in 1 cup water.  Here’s a method I learned from Nubo, the owner of a very famous Japanese restaurant in NYC:  When the water comes to a boil, cover the pot with a clean towel and pot lid.  Shut off heat and let rice stand for 19 minutes.  The rice will be cooked perfectly.

(Well, it works most of the time ~~ sometimes you have to add a little more water and try again!)

Next, add the milk, sugar, vanilla and allow to cook until almost all of the milk is absorbed.  Do this over a low flame and stir frequently.  Do not walk away as I did the other day!!   My newly scrubbed stove got splattered with sugary milk and smelled like burning sugar!  Pleasant odor, though.

Now is the time to add the beaten egg and stir quickly over a low flame until the egg is cooked through. You can certainly eliminate this step;  I do.

Garnish with the cinnamon and expect requests for seconds!!!   Thanks again, Aunt Josie,  still miss you.

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