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January 9, 2009



Have you ever shopped at Costco or any one of those warehouse places? Well, they have a great bakery department. I mean, WOW! And their bagels are really huge! So, I bought some bagels that were sprinkled generously on top with cheddar cheese simply because I smelled them as I was passing the bagel bin and just couldn’t resist! Anyway, today I decided to make a sandwich with them on my panini press ( a Cuisinart that I purchased from Overstock for $40.00! ). Not wanting to burn the goodness of the cheddar cheese, I turned the top of the bagel upside-down and made an “inside-out” sandwich!


sliced tomatoes

yellow American cheese ( Black Bear brand ), any deli cheese would be great

sprinkle of any kind of vinegar you love ~ my favorite is balsamic, but used rice vinegar for hubby

about 2 teaspoons ground walnuts, optional


Really, folks, this is a no-brainer. Just slice the bagel in half. Turn the cheese side upside-down. Sprinkle a little vinegar on the bottom bagel slice. Make a layer of tomatoes topped with 1 teaspoon ground walnuts. Top with the sliced cheese and another teaspoon of walnuts. Sprinkle the top slice of bagel with a little more vinegar and cover the sandwich. Grill in hot panini pan or grill pan or even just a frying pan.


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