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Easy, Cheesy Pasta (better known as “Giambots” in our house!)

January 5, 2009




Gravy ~~ ( otherwise known as “sauce” ):  home-made, preferably, but store-bought is okay if you like it

Pasta:  any kind of macaroni is fine, but best to use: fettucini or egg

noodles;  elbows are great, too; shells would be good, too

Mozzarella cheese:  1lb. for every pound of pasta, sliced thin, shredded or grated

Ricotta Cheese or Cottage Cheese:  1lb. for every pound of pasta

Eggs: 1 large egg  for every 1 lb. of ricotta

Fresh   parsley flakes, chopped

Grated cheese

Salt and black pepper,  to taste


Add the eggs, salt & pepper, parsley, and a small handful of grated

cheese to the ricotta

Cook the pasta until almost done.

Put some gravy in the bottom of lasagna pan to coat bottom.  Add pasta

and a little more gravy; just to coat the pasta.  Then stir in the

ricotta mixture.  Mix well.  Then add the mozzarella and a handful of

grated cheese and stir again.     See how it looks.  You may want to add a little more gravy or you may want to put a layer of

mozzarella on top to melt and brown a little.  It’s all up to how you like to eat it.

Then bake in the 350 degree oven for about 30-45  minutes.  It should

be bubbly and the cheese nicely melted.

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